Meet the Instructors

Penny Ratzlaff

Certified Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Penny is a Certified Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer. She’s been teaching fitness, encouraging clients and Personal Training since 2008. Whether with a group fitness class or personal training, she’s passionate about fitness, health & wellness, nutrition and encouraging you! She teaches an assortment of classes for beginners to advanced in bootcamps, circuits, HIIT, Strength, Cardio and Stretching and there’s always options for modifications.

Penny currently teaches ABT.

Stefanie Loewen

Certified Fitness Instructor

Stefanie has been a Certified Fitness Trainer since 2012. She’s a certified group fitness instructor as well as a certified person trainer both through the CFES. She has been passionate and involved in fitness and sports since she was four years old. She loves teaching an assortment of classes such as cycle fit and cross training as well as cardio/strength combo classes. She believes that fitness is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

Stefanie currently teaches Spin & Strength. 

    Louise Salitra

    Fitness Professional, founder of Rival Body Fitness and an every-day-athlete

    As a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Ergonomic Assessment Specialist – her life is dedicated to helping clients achieve ‘Good Health’ – a maintainable balance between Physical Health, Chemical Health & Mental Health. Feeling your personal best, with a positive mindset to overcome challenges – in the workplace and at home! Louise has CFES designation in Personal Training and Weight training and guides clients of all levels safely, and effectively towards their personal goals. She educates clients on technique, and committing to their ‘why’. She specializes in weight loss, muscle toning, stress relief, posture and rehabilitation – AKA’ The Everyday Athlete’.

    Louise currently teaches Strength Circuit and HIT. 

      Brandi Matheson

      Certified Yoga Teacher

      As a certified yoga teacher with specific training in therapeutic yoga for trauma & resilience, and a qualified teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction through the University of Massachusetts, Medical School, Centre for Mindfulness, Brandi deeply believes in the power of mind-body awareness for optimum health and wellness.

      Brandi currently teaches Mindful Movement.