ARHCC is supported by fully certified group fitness trainers. They are here to help you stay healthy through a variety of group fitness classes.

Unfortunately, personal training is not available at this time.


One of my aspirations is for every person to enjoy the experience of becoming, or staying, fit. I reluctantly attended my first Step Aerobics class as a participant in 1996 and, though it was a bit overwhelming, I was hooked on group fitness from that day on. I couldn’t wait to go back to work on my (not so) fancy footwork! For the first time since I was a kid, exercise was fun. 

Eventually I felt ready to jump into becoming a fitness leader, trying my best to utilize the skills and qualities of the amazing instructors that had been my role models for so many years. I became a certified leader in 2004 and started instructing classes at a number of private clubs, group facilities, and community recreation centres teaching spin, core, strength, step and many other things in between. I hold designations in Group Fitness, Third Age and Aquafit, as well as numerous cycling and core certifications. 

As much I encourage indoor fitness, I also promote getting outside into nature as a part of physical fitness and mental wellness. I spend every spare moment either mountain biking, gravel biking, hiking or trail running. Wherever your fitness may be, I’m here to help you enjoy your journey!


I am a nature loving yogi who brings connection, alignment and playfulness in my classes. I’ve been practicing yoga since I was a child and have been teaching yoga for over 12 years. I am currently the Yoga Ambassador for Lululemon Abbotsford in Hightstreet. 

I have taught up to 400 people in a class and love to take people on nature based adventures with my company Wilde Wellness. The intention behind Wilde is to offer healing within, joy in your heart and connection to yourself and Mother Nature on the deepest levels. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and Access Bars practitioner.

Instructors Wanted!

If you know of any certified instructors who may be a good fit for our fitness centre, please send us a note in the comment box below.